ENG 1D: preparing for your customized tests

On Monday, you will write a grammar test. Remember, however, that you will not necessarily be writing the same test as the person next to you. This is because the test is customized to each student based on those things we have identified as important for your learning.

The Basics:

  1. each student will complete a test with three sections. The sections you will see on your test are based on those needs we have identified together.
  2. Sections about comma splices, fused sentences, fragments, and parallelism will  feature 10 sentences that you will need to correct. These sections will also require you to define the issue formally and informally.
  3. the section focusing on spelling will require you to explain concrete strategies you will use to help you catch spelling errors. It will also require you to apply your strategies to a piece of writing I will provide
  4. the section about paragraph structure will ask you to explain the structure of a paragraph and to provide feedback to a paragraph i will include on the test.

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