ENG 3U: Introduction to the Taxonomy

Teenagers via Flickr, by Pierre Metivier

Over the next week, you will complete a series of exercises that will prepare you for your ultimate task: to write an illuminating, articulate, and argumentative essay.  This essay will be a taxonomy, or a classification of people, places, or things based on shared characteristics.

Today’s steps are as follows:

  1. Please read the article provided to you. The article is essentially a taxonomy of students, written from an instructor’s perspective.
  2. In your notes, please identify each type of student iin the author’s taxonomy. Make sure each “type” has a name and at least a one sentence description.
  3. Create a short, point form taxonomy of your own. Your taxonomy should include 4-5 items, each featuring 3-4 supporting points to explain each item. This important step will serve as the early stage of an essay you write next week; while you are not stuck with the choice you make today, a wise choice will help you considerably.  In the past, student taxonomies have included:
    • zombies (not Walking Dead zombies vs. horror movie zombies, but zombies organized according to the threat they pose to humans)
    • trees (not species, but the role of certain kinds of trees in the writer’s life)
    • music (not genres, but how different kinds of music make the writer feel)
    • parents
    • gamers (not casual vs. hardcore, but gamers according to how they play)
    • teammates (not positions, but the personalities of different kinds of teammates)

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