ENG 3U: Unrequited Love, Mistaken Identity and Disguises, and Misunderstandings

Today, we will begin with a little game I put together. Basically, you need to sort the lines from the play chronologically. I’d like you to play at least three times; what will your best score be?

As you play, look for clues in the lines that will help you identify the speaker and the context:

In Order: Twelfth Night

Next, I want you to create a chart in your notebook (Well, I recommend you create a chart; if you can think of another method that makes more sense than the chart, go right ahead). You will need four columns:

  • Characters
  • Unrequited Love (whom does this character love?)
  • Mistaken Identity/Disguises
  • Misunderstandings

In the characters column, please add the following names:

  • Viola/Cesario
  • Sebastian
  • Orsino
  • Olivia
  • Malvolio
  • Feste
  • Sir Toby
  • Sir Andrew
  • Antonio

Finally, fill in the chart with details that are MOST relevant to that character.


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