ENG 3U: Tweeting About Twelfth Night?!?!?

Ladies and gents,

The strangest thing happened last night. I was searching Twitter (I think the proper term is lurking) when I stumbled upon this conversation between a bunch of enthusiastic English students. Did you know that some students spend all of their time on social media talking Shakespeare? Who knew…

We will answer the tweets I found in online (you could try searching on Twitter, but the accounts have been removed; in fact, it is almost like they never existed in the first place). Let’s see if we can conform to the rules of Twitter by restricting all responses to 149 characters or less.

Act III scenes i-ii

@IDon’tGetShakespeare:  I don’t get the Church joke in the opening bit. HELP!

@ENG3U2014: I have been trying to grow a beard, which makes me think about line 45. I don’t get why Viola is “almost sick for one”. Arggh!

@WhatWouldWilDo: What’s the point of Viola’s lines around line 53? I mean, who cares about a fool anyway?

@BardBoy56: I think Olivia’s hitting on Cesario, but I’m not sure…lines 103 to the end of the scene? What do you think?

@12thNight: Sir Andy likes to have fun…why does he want to leave at the beginning of scene ii?!?!?!?

@FesteFan: I don’t get the long bits in scene ii. What’s up with this “challenge?”

@MSteward4Life re: end of scene ii…why all this talk about Malvolio? #schemers


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