ENG 3U: The Movie Pitch

Today, we will focus on the “pitch” part of your assignment. A pitch is essentially an attempt to sell a product or idea; thus, a movie pitch is an attempt to sell an idea for a film to a movie studio.

  • Engage us. Remember that you will make your pitch to a small group of people. Engage with them. Talk to/with them, not at them.
  • Sell your ideas. Package your ideas in way that will interest the audience. Make want to watch (and buy!) this movie.
  • Use body language to enhance your message. Project ease, confidence, and appropriate energy.

The following videos will help you prepare for your movie pitch.

Reel Sweet via Flickr, by Adam.Barlow
Reel Sweet via Flickr, by Adam.Barlow

This video features a film school instructor explaining strategies for the pitch. In particular, he focuses on defining your project early; make sure your audience understands the basics about the film in the opening minute. He also mentions the importance of the greeting, body language, and hand gestures.

This video features a number of young students pitching their ideas. Assessing their work might give you some ideas about how to approach your own pitch.


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