ENG 1D: Media and Blogging

Today, we will set up blogs. At first, we will keep the settings as private, meaning that no one else in the world can access them. Pending parent approval, your blogs will eventually be shared with your classmates.

This video will walk you through the steps:

Questions, Questions…

Based on our conversations yesterday, I have created a series of questions that will guide our work. The questions are:

  • How are apps like Netflix changing the way we consume media?
  • How, exactly, are games rated by the ERSB?
  • How does the depiction of groups in media impact how we see them (and ourselves)?
  • Do games and films have a responsibility to be realistic?
  • What factors lead to sexist content in media?
  • How does the depiction of people in media impact our body image?
  • Why are some characters in media flat while others are round? (Why are some characters simplistic/static while other change/grow?)
  • How is a particular group depicted in the media?
  • Why are zombies such a big deal? (This may seem like a silly question. It isn’t)

Sources you should explore:

Feminist Frequency (stick to the ones that do not have content warnings)

PBS Idea Channel


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