ENG 1D: The Journey Pattern

Ladies and Gents,

You may have noticed that I am not at school today. Good for you; I knew you were paying attention.

We will move the final round of discussions to tomorrow. I would like you to use today’s class to gather even more ideas that will make the discussion more fruitful. Remember our brief exercise with the Journey Pattern? (C’mon, you remember…you were walking around the room, writing on the desks with chalk?) Today, you will apply the Journey Pattern to the novel you read.

  1. Write the items below in your notes
  2. For each item, try to find at least one specific example from the novel you read. Add the reference to your notes (please include page numbers!)

The Orphan: heroes begin their stories isolated and alone.

The Call: someone calls the hero to adventure. At first, the hero might not be willing to go.

The Mentor: Someone needs to guide the hero on his quest.

The Trials: The hero goes through a series of adventures and trials. These trials prepare the hero for the big showdown at the end.

The Shadow: The hero’s nemesis is often a reflection of himself.

The Final Conflict: The hero is uniquely suited to defeat the forces of evil.

Identity: When the hero returns home, the hero often has a new name/identity.

Community: The hero’s adventures allow the hero find his real community.


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