CHY 4U: Three Men Named Louis

Today’s goal is to answer the following question:

What kind of France did Louis XVI inherit from his predecessors, Louis XIV and Louis XV?

We will begin with a short lecture about Louis XIV, a ruler who fashioned himself after a Greek God and was extraordinarily proud of the way his legs looked in stockings. True story.

Next, we will examine Louis’ palace, Versailles (yes, that Versailles).

Finally, you will conduct a short investigation into one of the following questions. Keep in mind that these questions are being asked only because they will help you understand the bolded question above; this should help you focus your research. When you present your findings, I will ask you to start by naming your source; thus, I want you to pay careful attention to the sources you use!

  1. What impact did Cardinal Fluery have on the economy of France
  2. What impact did Madame Pompadour have on the court of Louis XV?
  3. How did the War of Austrian Succession impact France?
  4. What factors led to Louis XV’s low popularity?
  5. What was the impact of the Seven Years’ War on France?

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