ENG 3U: Evaluating a Discussion

Ladies and Gents,

After I quickly double-check that everyone has completed the writing task about the “Crazies”, we will have a brief discussion that will be evaluated. This discussion will occur in groups, but I will be evaluating you separately.  I suggest having one student read his/her work, and have the group comment on the connections the student has made. Here is the criteria for the evaluation:

The Question: How does the work of our peers help us humanize the “Crazies”?

  • Do you demonstrate active listening when other students speak?
  • Do you identify something specific in a student’s work that is insightful, important, or relevant?
  • Do you make connections between the concept of the Other and the events of the  novel?

After the discussion, we will have a brief lecture about the Journey Pattern. We are doing this because:

  • the Journey Pattern is totally awesome  (Just ask Link, Luke, Harry, Katniss, Peter Parker, and every other hero you can think of)
  • some really smart people (Fisher and Frey) argue that greater, more complex understanding can be reached by examining texts in a variety of ways
  • the Journey Pattern is relevant to both Five People and the assignment you will complete at the end of the novel study

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