ENG 3U: Five People in Four Topics

The table below outlines the pages you must have read for that day.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
September 21-25  1-31  test mass 32-55
September 28-Oct 2 56-80 91-103 104-128  129-153  Prep day 1
October 5th-9th Prep 2 Prep 3 Movie Pitch Movie Pitch Movie Pitch

Today, I need you to form groups of 4-5. Each group must lay claim to one of the following topics dealing with events between pages 1-25. Duplication is permitted, but each topic must be chosen:

  • the birthdays: examine the structure and style of the birthday scenarios. How do they feel different from the rest of the text?
  • Who is Eddie Maintenance? What kind of person is Eddie? Gather relevant details from the text.
  • Tension/Suspense: How does Albom create tension in the first 25 pages? Look at word choice, sentence length, and action.
  • Of Faith and God: Compare the Journey section to the Biblical passages considered yesterday.

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