ENG 3U: Dive In…

13556948_b09090efffThe purpose of this course is to make you better readers, communicators, and collaborators:

  • readers (not JUST words, but receiving the messages of others): listening, reading, and analysing
  • communicators (authoring your own messages): speaking, writing, media production
  • collaborators: actively learning from and with others

Projected Course Assignments

  1. Five People You Meet in Heaven Movie Pitch
  2. (insert something about satire here)
  3. Blogs
  4. Taxonomy Essay
  5. Twelfth Night Infographic
  6. Novel Tutorials
  7. Comparative Media Essay

Time to Dive In…

In Grade 10, we dedicated considerable time to news articles. Today, I’d like you to write a news article about the most ridiculous event that occurs to you (I’ve got some cards that might help you). Before we begin, we should quickly review the structure of a news article….


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