CHY 4U: Sorry about the Cats Part…

Rotary engine via Flickr, by  fatedsnowfox

Rotary engine via Flickr, by fatedsnowfox

Good citizens of Nonexistia,

Our proud but surprisingly backwards nation is on the verge of tumultuous change. The old ways of doing things, like the time-honoured tradition of working the fields with small plows pulled by cats, will soon disappear; in their place, we will see unprecedented mechanization and industry.

Unfortunately, our great leaders have no idea what to do next. They have turned to you, the intellectual giants of our culture, to come up with a plan based on the experiences of another nation that industrialized: England.  You must divide yourselves into small groups, lay claim to a few headings/terms below, and write a guideline that will help the fine people of Nonexistia deal with these changes.

Pages 245 to 249.

  • The Wealth of Nations
  • “workshop of the world
  • “spontaneous combustion”
  • moral economy
  • the importance of financial institutions like the Bank of England
  • multiplier effect
  • how technology changed the textile/cotton industry

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