ENG 2D: Organizing Your Ideas

Ladies and gents,

You have probably noticed that I am not in the room right now. Good for you. It is exactly this sort of observation that proves you are capable students who will go far in life.

I will return sometime during this period. I’ve already said nice things about you to Ms. Sheeler, so she is expecting to see you at your best.

Your  goal today is complete as many of the steps listed below as possible. There is a good chance that you have already completed some of them, so start wherever appropriate. Remember to use your phone wisely; if you need to watch a video as part of your research, make sure you explain to Ms. Sheeler what you are watching and why.

  1. create a guiding question for your work (example: How does the Simpsons follow the conventions of a sitcom?)
  2. find at least two reliable sources (databases, online books, appropriate websites) that connect to your topic. In your notes (electronic or paper) track the information that is relevant from these sources
  3. find specific examples from your text that connect to each bit of information you gleaned from your sources. For example, if your source states that sitcom dads are often bumbling idiots, you must find a specific episode where Homer is a bumbling idiot; add a short point for description to your notes (include the name of the episode, too!)
  4. Once you have collected all of the material from your sources AND specific examples from your text, you are probably ready to start building your thesis. Remember our riveting discussion of White Oaks Mall? Well, use the same approach: look at your notes, group your points according to themes/patterns, and specifically refer to to those themes/patterns in your thesis statement.

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