E2: Day 2 in Redmond

So, I am already 2 days behind in posts. Our schedules have been very full (and there has been so much to process) that it has been almost impossible to keep up. I will try to catch up today!

One of the best parts of the entire conference was the Teach Meet. For two hours, 250 educators circulated around the rooms and viewed each others’ projects. The range and quality of these projects? Amazing. Here are some highlights from the handful of projects I had a chance to see:

Jeckson from the Philippines modernized his entire school by convincing his colleagues to fully integrate the latest programs

Manuel and his colleague (sorry…didn’t catch her name) demonstrated how a Physics teacher and an IT Design teacher can work together. Though their project, Manuel’s students created 3D virtual models that would help his colleague’s students understand key formulas and theories better

Andre (go Canada!) led his students through an excellent example of project-based learning by having them conceptualize and complete every aspect of the product design process in a way that mirrors what happens in modern firms.

I met a teacher from South Korea who built a history card game that works digitally (think Hearthstone) and face to face (think Pokémon). He designed the entire thing himself, and let students add their own cards as well. The best part? The students’ parents wanted to play, too.

Finally, Francisco from Brazil had his students use Excel, Minecraft, and 3D printers to create amazing games that explain the core elements of German myth. He had his class functioning so effectively as a team that they built a 100 000 block castle in 3 hours; think about how much team work and collaboration is required to make this happen.

I promise I will share more later today…


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