E2: Day 1 in Redmond

Lots of interesting things happened on the first day of E2. Numerous teachers completed Microsoft certification programs, some of us (like me) filmed Quick Tip videos, and all of us attended a large reception in the evening. While the filming was an interesting experience and the food at the reception was excellent (sushi and prime rib/mash potatoes as appetizers!), the best part of the day was interacting with teachers from around the world. Like a buddy of mine likes to say, it is the people you meet..

In honour of the NHL Playoffs and TSN’s By the Numbers, I’ve decided to share my first day By the Numbers, too:

1: The number of translators who made conversation with an amazing educator possible. I learned about educational initiatives in Japan; I also learned more about the amount of time Japanese educators spend working collaborating on projects and reviewing lessons.

2: The number of history teachers I met. Miroslav from the Czech Republic teaches history, but also does a lot of tech work at his school (hmmm… sounds familiar). Edgerts from Latvia spent the morning writing one of several certification exams offered by Microsoft.

2: The number of times a discussion with a teacher was also my first discussion with someone from the teacher’s country (Cyprus and Kazakhstan)

50: The amount of time (in minutes) I spent throughout the day thinking about Ireland. I had several excellent conversations with Barry, a teacher who lives fairly close to Belfast. Through him, I learned that the latest incarnation of the Irish curriculum is really driven by student choice and interest; I also learned that because of the comparatively small size of Northern Ireland, there is a strong sense of community among the teachers.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I should also mention that at least 10 minutes of the time with Barry was dedicated to Game of Thrones and Doctor Who talk. Barry lives so close to where GoT is filmed that the roads in his town have permanent road signs to direct Game of Thrones delivery trucks to their destinations.)

Day two is just getting underway. It is going to be amazing…


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  1. I think you’re attending this event at a place in your career that you very fully appreciate the opportunity. I can’t help but smile when I hear of the conversations you’re having. Regardless of the master schedule, it is these seemingly coincidental conversations that are likely to stay with you the longest.

    Thanks so much for sharing your adventure on a few social channels. I’m only able to attend this event vicariously through your reflections. Keep ’em coming!

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