CHY 4U: Introduction the French Revolution/The 7 Years’ War

The year is 1754. A British commander, Sir Ryan O’Hagan, has decided that it is in Britain’s best interest to seize control of some disputed French assets in North America and French vessels to add to the Royal Navy’s powerful fleet. A noble Frenchman, Jacques Pedrech, is incredibly upset by the invasion of the belligerent British.

Across the Atlantic, the Austrians (lead by Arnold Schwarzenegger) are challenging the Prussians (lead by Frederick the Great) for control of the Holy Roman Empire. Though Sir O’Hagan and the British have typically sided with the Austrians, they instead side with the Prussians. The French, usually allied with the Prussians, can’t stand the idea of working with the British, and Pedrech makes the controversial decision of aligning himself (and thus, his country) with the Austrians. With that, what Winston Churchill would later describe as “the first world war” had begun.

Your jobs:

Monday, April 20, 2015

–          Arrange yourself into two groups (France and Britain)

–          Examine the following:

o   What did your country hope to achieve from the war?

o   How did your country work to make themselves successful?

o   Who inevitably won the war?

–          Make notes. While this is meant to be a fun and different activity, it is still important that you get the main points down. We will talk about them at the end of today’s class and tomorrow, we do battle.

o   Along with this: Tomorrow during our dodgeball the intense battle, we will be throwing paper at our opponents. Each paper is armed with a heavily explosive material (a fact about the seven years’ war and how it affected/lead to the French Revolution)

o   When a student is hit, they will read the fact out loud.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

–          FIGHT!

o   Using rolled up paper (recycled, of course), we will do battle. This will probably take about 10 minutes to determine an obvious winner.

o   Bring some props (as long as they are appropriate). Want to dress up? Got some cool chainmail? Go for it!

o   We will play paper dodgeball, because bringing in swords will get me in trouble. Once you’re hit, you’re out.

§  There will be a twist! :O


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