CHY 4U: The Wall

Today, you are not students but rather you are interviewers for one of the highest rated news companies in the country. Reporters for HCC News are known for having some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable guests on their programs.

Today: An examination of the Berlin Wall. As experienced reporters, you of course will already know what to do today. In order to help you though, here is a quick set of guidelines to help you through today’s report:

–          You will be in a group of 3 – 4.

o   1 of you will be the camera man;

o   1 of you will be the interviewer;

o   1 – 2 of you will be the interviewees.

–          Your topics are:

  • A speech is being given by American President Ronald Regan in which he is asking Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to remove the controversial wall separating East and West Berlin.
  • What the wall was like. What were some dangers in trying to overcome it?
  • The day the wall fell.
  • The day the wall was created. Why was the wall put in place?

You will begin the class by examining the information behind your topic. Some information can be found in the text book, some can be found online. This part, admittedly, is not the most fun. That means that the faster we can get through it, the quicker we can get onto the good stuff …

After researching, you’ll write a quick 2-3 minute script for an interview. You will get 10-15 minutes to practice it before filming it – LIVE in front of the class. After all, interviews are meant to be watched!


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