CHY 4U: The World Economy

Good Advice for Hard Times by Daniel Y. Go, via Flickr
Good Advice for Hard Times by Daniel Y. Go, via Flickr

The World Economy

Congratulations. Despite having virtually no training in the field of economics, you have been handpicked to help the world avoid another Depression. The United Nations and the World Bank have asked you to closely examine the state of the world economy in the 1920s, and to create a series of guidelines that authorities can use to help them through troubling times.

First, we will divide the class into 3 large groups. Each group will examine one of the sections listed below and identify/explain the top 3 economic issues the world faced:

  • A Challenge to Peace/Peaceful Co-Existence (pg 409-410)
  • Democratic Governments (pg 410-411)
  • Economic Ruin (pg 411-413)

Next, we will create groups of 3, with each group having one representative from the last step. You will:

  • briefly share your top 3 issues (add to your notes, please)
  •  create a list of at least 4-5 rules/guidelines that modern politicians could use to avoid economic collapse. For each rule/guideline, provide the specific example from the reading that inspired the rule/guideline you create.

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