ENG 2D: Becoming a Better Communicator

Welcome to lab 102, ladies and gents. Your goal today is to learn how to identify (and avoid!) some of the most writing errors students commit. Please note that step four requires you to do a survey; I will use this survey to ensure that you did your work today, so please give yourself 10 minutes at the end of class to complete it.

Step One: Pick Your Topic

Choose one of the topics below. The first four videos explain  the most common language errors made by high school students. The last one, parallelism, explains how to use parallel structures effectively.

  1. Comma splices feature two clauses and a comma, but are missing conjunctions (connecting words).
  2. Run-On/Fused sentences feature two sentences joined together without the appropriate punctuation and/or conjunction.
  3. Fragments are incomplete ideas. The writer has omitted a subject, a verb, or both.
  4. Transitions connect ideas. If you have been told that your writing is a little choppy (or that it doesn’t flow) you might want to watch this vide.
  5. Parallelism relies on a repeating structure in a sentence that save the writer time/effort, while creating a pattern that generates interest.

Step Two: Play a Video Game

Yes, you must play this. I made this last semester, so you need to humour me. Besides, it will help you eliminate comma splices, fused sentences, and fragments from your work. It might take a few seconds to load, so be patient. Oh…remember to read the instructions carefully.

The Incarnations

Step Three: Return to Chomp Chomp

Please do a few more exercises from chomp chomp. Make sure you concentrate on those exercises connected to whatever problem you hope to address.

Step Four: The Survey

Please complete this survey.


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