CHY 4U: Choose Wisely, My Friends

Today, I will give you a choice: the class may decide what topic we will examine today (please note that we will eventually examine both topics):

TOPIC 1: The Gunpowder Plot

When James I became King of England 1603, English Catholics were quite pleased. It seemed like he supported religious tolerance, and would not require them to swear troublesome oaths to him (remember that, technically, he is the head of the state AND the church..this had been a problem for Catholics under Elizabeth’s rule).

By 1605, however, the relationship had soured. A group of Catholics led by Robert Catesby decided that their only recourse was to blow up the Parliament building (and the King, of course) and place James’ nine year old Catholic daughter on the throne.

Today, you need to watch the video from the perspective of the historical school you will be using your project. Keep track of any observations that would interest  historians from your particular school. You will have time to confer with your colleagues at the end of the video.

TOPIC 2: God is Spanish

If you choose this topic, we will examine the role Spain played in the New World. This investigation includes a short lecture comparing 16th century Spain to modern-day America.


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