CHW 3M: What Kind of Great Man are You?

Today, we will examine of the great figures of the Renaissance. Each group will be assigned one great man; each group will conduct some research and collect evidence of the man’s greatness.  Following this research, you will rotate through other groups to discuss and collate each group’s findings.

The Rules

  • We cannot let this become a simple note-taking exercise. We will gain very little from this exercise if it degenerates into a simple exchange of points.
  • Instead, you need to converse about the topics. Ask questions of each other. Require your peers to provide evidence that supports their claim. Encourage them to restate their ideas if they are unclear to you.
  • You will not be allowed to write anything down until I give the okay.

The Choices





Da Vinci


The first 3 can be found on pages 607-608; da Vinci and Michelangelo are on pages 612-613; finally, Gutenberg is on page 580.


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