ENG 3U: Introduction to Twelfth Night

  • I need to (finally) show you a high quality version of the 4U tutorials I tried to show yesterday.
  • We need to briefly examine the ENG 3U Toolkit at the top of this page. The toolkit features links to videos clips from Twelfth Night; these videos should help you understand the play, especially if you are catching up at home. By the way, many of the actors in the clips starred in the Harry Potter films, Marvel films, and other famous productions, so keep your eyes open.
  • Our focus for our study of Twelfth Night is the nature of comedy; thus, keep this in mind as we read, watch, and act.
  • You need to ask my about William Shakespeare’s private life. It is really important.
  • I want to show you this trailer I put together for the play. Once we are done, I will ask you to tell what you learned about the plot of the play from watching the video.
  • Finally, we will act out a couple scenes today. I hope you brought your acting skills today…

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