ENG 3U: Twelfth Night Schedule

Monday Nov 17 Tuesday Nov 18 Wednesday Nov 19 Thursday Nov 20 Friday Nov 21
 Comedy Lecture

Act I scene i

  • Act I scenes ii-iv
  • Act I scene v
  • Handmaid’s tutorial/Act II scene i-ii
  • Tutorial prep (1st half of class)
  • Remaining Tutorials (2nd half of class)
 PD Day
Monday Nov 24 Tuesday Nov 25 Wednesday Nov 26 Thursday Nov 27 Friday Nov 28
  • Act II scene iii in class
  • scene iv in modern tongue
  • scene v viewing
  • Act III scene i viewing
  • Act III scene ii
  • comedy checklist
  • Act III scene iii modern tongue
  • Act III scene iv viewing
  • Important lines challenge
  •  Act IV scene i viewing
  • Act IV scene ii modern tongue
  • Act IV scene iii
  • Catch Up Day
Monday Dec 1 Tuesday Dec 2 Wednesday Dec 3 Thursday Dec 4 Friday Dec 5
 Act V viewing   Assignment work period  Assignment work period  Assignment work period  Assignment due at end of class

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