ENG 3U: Questions for Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Questions for The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Describe any of the following characters:

* Flavia de Luce

* Colonel Haviland “Jacko” de Luce

*Arthur Wellesley Dogger

Describe one of your four activities in detail (you may do this any time the content of the activity connects to the topic being discussed)

The author argued that “when you’re (Flavia’s) age, you sometimes have a great burning enthusiasm that is very deep and very narrow, and that is something that has always intrigued me – that world of the 11-year-old that is so quickly lost,” and that Flavia is “unstoppable”. Explain her ‘great burning enthusiasm’, and provide evidence that she is unstoppable.

A critic argued that Flavia’s crime-fighting is interesting, but that she is “most endearing as a little girl who has learned how to amuse herself in a big lonely house.” Explain the role loneliness plays in Flavia’s existence.

The worlds of Buckshaw and Bishop’s Lacey are quirky and bizarre. How do these locations contribute to the feel of the novel? Explain.

Explore the role memories play in this novel. You may include:

  • Dogger’s memory loss
  • Father’s inability to leave the past behind
  • the few memories that the girls have of their mother
  • the wrongly remembered events from the past regarding an apparent suicide

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