ENG 3U: Blogging Your Taxonomy (or, why am I making you write this way?)


It is late Sunday night (or, if you like, early Monday morning). You been slaving away on an assignment for the last few hours, but you just can’t seem to finish. The first hours were easy enough, but you’ve simply run out of things to say. In fact, it has been so long since you’ve typed something that the cursor seems incapable of moving; instead, it simply continues flashing, mocking your inability to find something useful to type. Eventually, an idea strikes you, but it feels disjointed; instead of a steady stream of ideas, your writing is a slow drip that will take hours to produce anything of consequence.

Has this happened to you? If so, it probably had something to do with your planning (or lack thereof). The reason why I am having you plan your body paragraphs first is this: writer’s block is a lot less likely when you know what you need to say next.

At this point, you have a taxonomy with several classes. Next, we need to discuss the structure of your paragraphs. Here is a basic outline:

  • Your topic sentence should mention the class you’ve created, and say something about the nature of that class.
  • Your next few sentences should probably define the class. What makes it tick? How is it different from the other classes you have created?
  • You should provide at least one detailed example. Don’t simply say that, for example, Batman is a loner; instead, prove he is a loner.

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