ENG 3U: Taxonomy Day!

Your goal today is to create a short, point-form taxonomy of your own. Your taxonomy should include 4-5 items, each featuring 3-4 supporting points to explain each item. This important step will serve as the early stage of an essay you write over the coming weeks; while you are not stuck with the choice you make today, a wise (and insightful) choice will help you considerably. Last year, student taxonomies included:

•trees (not species, but the role of certain kinds of trees in the writer’s life)
•music (not genres, but how different kinds of music make the writer feel)
•teammates (not positions, but the personalities of different kinds of teammates)

Here is an example of a taxonomy of superheroes based on the nature of their powers. While the infographic is really, really cool, it isn’t as relevant to today’s task as, say, a taxonomy of superheroes based on their more human qualities. Here are some possible categories for a taxonomy of superheroes’ human qualities might:

  • The tortured loner (Batman, the Punisher)
  • The noble outsider (Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman)
  • The part-time hero, full-time comedian (Iron Man, Spiderman)

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