ENG 2D: Writing Instructions

Today, you will attempt to write instructions for a simple task that you know how to do. The task can be anything that has multiple steps. Here are some possibilities:

  • how to tie your shoes
  • how to download an app
  • how to apply makeup
  • how to draw a human figure
  • how to make kraft dinner
  • how to set up a computer
  • How to get to a specific location

Everyone must create a set of instructions today. Whatever option you choose, please make sure that you:

  • include at least 10 steps (does this seem like a lot? Think of all of the small steps you may have missed…)
  • break down each step clearly and effectively. Include everything.
  • use direct languages and short sentences. This is not the time for long, descriptive sentences; still, remember that you still have to fully explain the steps!
  • Once everyone has finished their set of instructions, you will find a partner and follow each other’s instructions.
  • Do your best to follow instructions exactly; don’t do things that aren’t included in the instructions!
  • Evaluate your own work based on your partner’s ability to  follow your instructions. Make any changes to your instructions that are necessary

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