ENG 2D: You Won’t Believe What I Just Heard

Today, I want you to spread some gossip.

That’s right. I want you to engage in that very activity that every teacher since JK has told you to avoid.

Yes, today, you will gossip relentlessly.

(Points of clarification: by “gossip”, I mean spread stories about Lady Macbeth’s crazy sleep-walking. By “you”, I mean “you playing the role of a nurse who has heard things that she shouldn’t,” Finally, by “relentless” I mean, “for about one page, single-spaced.”)

Here is what you will do:

  • read Act V scene i in the graphic novel in small groups
  • read Act V scene I in the original text  in small groups (yes,  it is the same scene)
  • write a one page piece in which you (the nurse) gossip about what you have witnessed. Because I want you to imagine that you are talking to your friends, you can be as informal as you wish, as long as the language is still appropriate for our classroom. Be funny if you wish.

Gossip that you might want to share (you can combine all three)

  • what’s up with the hand-wringing?
  • what has Macbeth been up to behind the scenes?
  • what does Lady Macbeth know about the Thane of Fife’s wife?

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