ENG 3U: Five People in Four Topics

The table below outlines the pages you must have finished by the end of the day. For example, your goal today is get to at least page 25 in the novel.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
September 15-19 1-25 26-55
September 22-26 56-80 81-103
Sept 29th to Oct 3 104-128 129-153 154-178 179-end

Today, I need you to form groups of 4-5. Each group must lay claim to one of the following topics dealing with events between pages 1-25. Duplication is permitted, but each topic must be chosen:

  • the birthdays: examine the structure and style of the birthday scenarios. How do they feel different from the rest of the text?
  • Who is Eddie Maintenance? What kind of person is Eddie? Gather relevant details from the text.
  • Tension/Suspense: How does Albom create tension in the first 25 pages? Look at word choice, sentence length, and action.
  • Of Faith and God: Compare the Journey section to the Biblical passages considered yesterday.

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