ENG 3U Effective Collaboration

Today’s goal is to learn more about effective collaboration. Here is the order of things;

  1. Watch the video found at: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-run-a-meeting
  2. Underneath the video are 7 key points to running a meeting. Please add brief summaries of these points to your notes/device
  3. In groups of 4-5, create a skit that demonstrates these key principles. I hope to learn a great deal from your skits tomorrow when you perform them in front of the class; just make sure that all key principles are included!

A Few Potential Skits (You can add your own… just remember to demonstrate the principles!)

  • A staff meeting at the Office (yes, the one with Dwight)
  • A Student Council meeting to plan the next dance
  • management of a sports team debating the direction of the team
  • The Dr. Who Society debating whether the next social should be Dalek or Sontaran themed




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