CHW 3M Musings of a Pharaoh

The musings of an elderly Pharaoh….

At first glance, being Pharaoh sounds great. Power? Yes. Riches? Absolutely. God-like status in a society that believes I am at the epicentre of the known universe? Check. Still, there are some downsides. Unfortunately, other people want the glory, and they aren’t above using treachery (and even murder) to get what they want. How many of my wives can you actually trust? Are they loyal to me or to their sons?

Of course, it has never been easy. Remember when I was the ambitious son of the Pharaoh’s fourth wife? The Pharaoh had fathered enough children to start his own army, and yet I still managed to rise to the top. I studied the great (and not so great) Pharaohs of the past, and used my knowledge to impress dear old dad; he was so taken by my understanding of our people’s history that I quickly became his favourite. Even my enemies begrudgingly admitted that I seemed well-suited to lead….

That’s it! I will hold a contest. I will allow my children to demonstrate their worth by studying one Pharaoh in detail. Each child (and a few loyal supporters) will:

  1. explain key events/issues that were relevant to the career of this Pharaoh
  2. evaluate this Pharaoh’s impact on his time (and on Egyptian life, if possible)
  3. evaluate his worthiness as role model for potential Pharaohs
  4. present their findings to me

Just in case they need help choosing, I will give them a few options:

  • Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh
  • Tutankhamen
  • Ramses the Great
  • Sneferu, the Pyramid Builder
  • Djoser
  • Thutmose III, the Napoleon of Egypt
  • Amenhotep
  • Cleopatra (VII)



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