CHY 4U 2014: Reflections on the Paulsford Mysteries

Ladies and gents

Later today, we will watch a Monty Python skit and discuss Karl Marx. First, let’s reflect on yesterday. Remember the villain’s letter from the Paulsford Mysteries? Today, I’d like you to do the following:

  • Find a partner
  • Choose a line from the poem
  • Turn the line into a question
  • Find the answer to the question, and tell us the answer in 3 sentences or less

Here is the poem (the answers are in brackets):

The petty thief’s greatest fear (the camera)

Where flower girls hope not to appear (prison)

Almost mothered out of power (Victoria)

Where orphaned boys are forced to cower (workhouses)

The working class’s friend (Karl Marx)

Those who desire industry’s end (Luddites)

Place of spectacle and show (Music Hall)

Sedate the children, prevent a row (female miners)

The pastime of the elite (cricket)

A way for workers to use their feet (soccer)

Violent contest of the poor (rugby)

Where thieves were brought to Magistrate’s door (Bow Street)



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