CHY 4U 2014: Tweets from the Industrial Revolution

Today, we will attempt to tweet (sort of) about the Industrial Revolution. Here are your topics:

  • pg 250 Social Impact of the Industrial Revolution/The Standard of Living
  • pg 250-251 The Urban Community: Conditions of City Life
  • pg 251- Growth of British Industrial Cities
  • pg 252-253 Rural Homes/Conditions at Work
  • pg 253-254  Work and Private Life
  • pg 254 Marriage and Divorce/Family Violence
  • pg 255 Changing Roles of Men and Women/John Stuart Mill and Women’s Role

Once you have chosen your topic, create a persona for yourself. Make sure this persona represents someone who would have witnessed/experienced some the events or issues explained in your section. Once the class is ready, we will begin tweeting in TodaysMeet.


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