CHY 4U 2014: Intro to the Industrial Revolution

Test Writers

The second part of the test caused a little confusion yesterday. Remember the following:

  • you are writing two separate paragraphs. They do not have to be connected.
  • in each paragraph, you will explain the connection between any two terms I have provided. You may not choose the same term twice.
  • The  list (cause and effect, for example) was added to give you ideas, not to force you into writing about a specific kind of a connection.

Everybody Else

Today, I need you to become familiar with the basic elements of the Industrial Revolution. Very soon, we will attempt another “tweeting” session, so you need to have a solid background from which to work.

Please read pages 245 to 249. Using the note-taking method of your choice, please explain:

  • The Wealth of Nations
  • “workshop of the world
  • “spontaneous combustion”
  • moral economy
  • the importance of financial institutions like the Bank of England
  • multiplier effect
  • how technology changed the textile/cotton industry

Any additional time can be dedicated to your Annotated Bibliography.


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