CHY 4U 2014: Napoleon’s Defeats and Your Review

The video we watched yesterday claimed that Napoleon was the greatest military tactician in history. This may be true. He did, however, lose some important battles.  His march on Russia was a disaster, and he was eventually defeated by his old foe, England. He was exiled for a few years, but managed to return to mainland Europe, raise and army, and march again.

He was unsuccessful.

See, the problem Napoleon faced was that he wasn’t the only military genius in Europe. In fact, England had produced several remarkable military minds, including the remarkable Horatio Nelson. How amazing was Nelson? He served on his first ship before he was a teen. As a young teen, he nearly lost his life to a polar bear. He repeatedly suffered life-threatening wounds in battle but continued on. Most remarkably, he repeatedly defeated Napoleon’s navy.

How good was Nelson? The pomp and circumstance of his burial exceeded that of English kings. In fact, some historians claim that Nelson was buried like a god.

Let’s find out why.




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