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brock prezi

The Incarnations: (my first html5 game). Play a superhero trying to prevent villains from using bad grammar.

The Paulsford Mysteries: play the role of a young police officer in Victorian England, and learn about city life in the process!

Land of the Pharaohs: become a grave robber and break into the pharaoh’s tomb.

Victory at Sea: Learn about 3 great naval battles from one of the greatest naval commanders of all time: Horatio Nelson.

Deadline: A small-time reporter in big city uncovers criminal activity. (OSSLT prep)

In Order: Ancient History: Can you put  events/people from the ancient world in chronological order?

In Order: Macbeth: Can you put lines from Macbeth in chronological order?

In Order: Twelfth Night: A great comedy; can you sort it out?

Grammar Wars (working title)

In Order zip file: Everything you need to build your own In Order game.To customize the game, simply replace the images in the folder with your own sequence (say, the events in a novel). Make sure that the order of your sequence (first to last) matches the order of the images; for example, make your first image 1.jpg, your second image 2.jpg, and so on.


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  1. Hi Jim, I’m an education student up at Nipissing University interested in trying out your In Order template for some history lessons, but it appears the link to the zip file is broken. I read the article in Professionally Speaking and really like your work – hope to integrate gaming into my own classroom down the road.

    1. jimpedrech says:

      Hey Joel,
      I will try to fix the link later today…sorry about that!

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