2D 2014: Writing an Effective Introduction

Please read the following lines like a script. Mr. Lamon will assign your roles (he will also play himself):

Mr. Lamon: Mr. Pedrech would like you to work on introductions today. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Overly Enthusiastic Student: Oh boy! It sure does!

Student Who Asks Too Many Questions: Introductions for what? Why are learning about introductions? Can’t we do something else?

Mr. Lamon: Mr. Pedrech thinks you should learn how to introduce your ideas effectively. He also mentioned something about an essay that you will have to do soon…

Student Who Faints at the Mere Mention of Essays: An essay? (faints)

Mr. Lamon:Today, you will quickly review the General to Specific introduction, and also learn how to write an Anecdotal introduction. You will also write two introductions, one for each style.

Pessimistic yet Intrigued Student: I am pessimistic about this working, and yet I am intrigued by the possibility of learning something new.

The Steps

  1. Watch the Anecdotal Introduction video found here  (don’t worry about the term taxonomy that is used in the video)
  2. Choose one of the thesis statements at the bottom of this blog entry.
  3. Write a General to Specific introduction and an Anecdotal introduction for the thesis. Use the chart below to refresh your memory:
General to Specific Anecdotal
  • the thesis is the last sentence in the introduction
  • take one of the general topics in the thesis and use it to start the introduction
  • make each subsequent sentence slightly more specific, leading the reader to the thesis
  • the thesis can be almost anywhere in the introduction
  • the anecdote, or story, should prepare the reader for the thesis (it must be connected in some way)
  • the anecdote must last for the entire introduction


Choose one of the thesis statements below. I’ve given you some ideas that might help you write the introductions. Remember that you are not writing the essay itself; thus, you need to leave out the evidence that you would normally include in the body of an essay:

Thesis Possible G to S Possible Anecdote
Students should be allowed to study what interests them Importance of choice

the dangers of conformity

How I feel sitting in my least favourite class

How I feel sitting in my favourite class

The Canadian government should invest heavily in sports and athletics. the role sports play in society

the role of government

What I learned from a specific moment of athletic competition

How it felt to watch Canadian athletes at a crucial moment in the history of Canadian sports




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