CHY 4U 2014: Genius Hour


Today, we will attempt an experiment called Genius Hour. Some things you should know:

  • we are doing this because you should have opportunities to investigate those things that intrigue, confuse, or confound you
  • we are also doing this because, ironically, using time spent on traditional learning for passion projects actually makes students much more productive during those more “traditional” learning periods (ask me about Google)

The Ground Rules

  • you may investigate anything you wish, from coding to sewing, from deep scientific problems to traditional Mongolian dance–I am making an assumption here….I have no evidence that there is a traditional form of dance in Mongolia–as long as it is something that cannot be answered or “solved” by a simple google search.
  • you may not investigate something that can be turned into a project for another class.  (said another way: don’t think of this as a free hour to get work from another class out of the way)
  • you must be prepared to share your findings some time down the road.
  • you need to run your project by me.





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