CHY 4U 2014: Tweets from the French Revolution

Yesterday, you looked at life in pre-Revolutionary France.

Today, we will create a series of tweets that outlines the cultural, economic, and political shifts caused by the French Revolution. We can try this either individually or in pairs; in my experience, we sometimes get better points when one person chooses the point and another “tweets” it.


Rules for the Tweets

  • first, we will try office 365. Your email is, and your password is whatever your password is for board computers
  • if 365 doesn’t work, we will try a website called today’s meet
  • Each tweet needs to be sent by someone. This someone can either be a real person (Louis XVI), a fictional kind of person (@ThePoorPeasant), or a fictitious news source (@theParisianTimes). Note: keep your names and your content appropriate, please.
  • Keep your  tweets reasonably short. You can exceed the 150 character limit of Twitter if you wish, but no full paragraphs. Remember, you can also create your own hashtags and short forms.
  •  Finally, and importantly, you must respond to at least 2 other tweets. Try to make connections between someone else’s tweet and yours.

For the rest of our time:

read pages 179-180 and respond to the following in your notes:

  1. What was public opinion like on the eve of the Revolution?
  2. What is the Tennis Court Oath, and how did it come about?

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