CHY 4U 2014: Preparing for a Salon

Tomorrow, we will hold a fancy party called a Salon. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Be prepared to dazzle us with your wit (keep your pieces of satire handy)
  • Though satire is allowed, bad taste is not. Think of the balance a humorous student must strike: the right jokes can enliven the class, but the wrong jokes can result in detention/suspension. French satirists and intellectuals had to achieve a similar balance.
  • Everyone must read pgs 139-140. You need to be familiar with the basics of the Enlightenment and the Encyclopedia.
  • Each of you must take on an historical role. We need to have two students per historical figure. Please choose your figure, read the appropriate section, and briefly summarize your brilliant career. You will use this summary to introduce yourself at tomorrow’s party:
    1. John Locke (pg 142)
    2. Baron de Montesquieu (pg 142)
    3. Voltaire (pg 143)
    4. Beccaria (pg 145)
    5. Rousseau (pg 145)
    6. Adam Smith (pg 146)
    7. Immanuel Kant (pg 147)
    8. Edmund Burke (pg 147)
    9. Johann Gottfried von Herder (pg 148)
    10. Marquis de Condorcet (pg 148)
    11. The Marquise du Chatelet (pg 149)






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