2D 2014: Putting the “Lit” in Literature Circles


Library Stacks by JanneM, via Flickr
Library Stacks by JanneM, via Flickr

Ladies and Gents, we have a visitor today. This visitor, Ms. Weston-Tourigny, is here because:

  • she wants to see how our literature circles work
  • you are awesome

Let’s demonstrate both points equally well today…

The Structure (the new requirements are bolded)

  • Each student presents his/her work
  • other students demonstrate active listening by restating key ideas from the first student’s work
  • the group must ask at least two follow-up questions about each task. Ideally, these open-ended questions should be generated by you; if the group can’t think of any, you may ask any of the following:
    1. how does your work connect to what we know so far?
    2. if you were going to add more detail/evidence/analysis, what would you add?
    3. based on what you’ve done, what are your predictions?
    4. how did writing this impact your understanding of the novel?
  • when you have completed all the above tasks, work together to synthesize the key ideas from everyone’s ideas. Aim for 2-3 points per participant. Remember that you can arrange those points any way you wish.
  • You may even arrange the notes thematically. Starting with a question like “What did our work have in common today?” might help you identify a theme.

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