2P 2014: One Scene, One Story

Ladies and gents,

Our next assignment will be relatively short. You will complete this assignment in pairs or small groups (of course, you will be evaluated separately). With your group, you will create a short scene from a movie that doesn’t exist.  You are not creating the entire movie; you are only responsible for a 1 minute scene. Your work will be evaluated by its connections to the conventions of a genre.

A convention is a pattern that is so common that we see it regularly. For example, a traditional convention of Westerns is that good guys wear white, and bad guys wear black.

What you need to do today:

  • arrange yourselves in groups of 2-3 (include everyone)
  • decide what kind of story you want to tell. You don’t have to work out the details yet; just start with the basic action and the genre. Here are some possibilities:
    • a stalking scene from a horror movie
    • an exciting chase scene from an action movie
    • a scene about loss from a drama
    • a mistaken identity bit from a comedy
  • using your phones,  do a search for the conventions of your scene’s genre. For example, you could search conventions film genre horror.  Every member of the group must add 5 conventions to their notes.
  • start working on the basic story. Every member of the group must add 10 points about the story to their notes.



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