2P 2014: More About Listening…

Mr. Pedrech: Today, you will become experts in listening to each other. Isn’t that exciting?

Student Who Is Actually Awake: But Mr. Pedrech, we already know how to listen to each other. We do it all of the time.

Sarcastic Student: Yeah, especially HERE.

Mr. Pedrech: Granted, you know how to listen. However, listening and active listening aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Student Who Just Walked into Class:  Listening??? Again?

Mr. Pedrech: This time, we start with a video. Isn’t that nice?

Student Who Likes Videos: A video? I like videos!

Mr. Pedrech: You know what is even better than videos? Throwing paper balls at your teacher.

Student Who Likes Throwing Paper Balls at Teachers: This is the best day ever!



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