CHY 4U 2014: I Have a Fancy New Poster

posterTwo days ago, I was given a fancy new poster. If you look at the chalkboards on the side of the room, you should find it. See? I told you it was fancy.

Because you are a bright bunch, you are probably wondering why I pointed out this fancy poster to you. The why, ladies and gents, is simply this: I want you to use the poster to guide your work today.

How, you may ask? Well, let me explain:

  • You will work in groups of 4
  • You will pick a topic of interest to your group (I’ve got some suggestions below. If you would like to try something else that is not on the list, then send me a quick comment at the bottom of this post. I will try to respond immediately)
  • You will conduct 5 minutes of research to get a very basic understanding  of the topic. Think big picture.
  • Next, your group needs to make a clear and specific connection to one of the concepts on the poster (see? I told you there was a connection to the fancy poster). For example, here is one pairing:

phrenology (a false science of classifying the intelligence of people based on their skull shape/size) and  “explain why a historical idea or belief generally accepted in the past may not be appropriate or accepted today”.

For the remainder of the class, your group will prepare a 2-4 minute overview of the topic that uses the concept from the poster as its anchoring idea. On Monday, you will be reorganized into new groups; everyone in your group will be asked to share the entire group’s findings. Basically, this means that everyone must do today’s work.

Here are list of potential topics. You may work with a partner if you wish. I have put an asterisk (*) next to any topic that may disturb you; please chose these topics carefully:

  • Nazi phrenology
  • Josef Mengele(***)
  • Hitler’s birthdays (this link leads to a slideshow that will give you a little insight)
  • the rape of Nanking(*)
  • the resistance movement in France
  • Code-breaking in World War II (Alan Turing)
  • V1-V2 rockets
  • Dora and Gustav Rail Cannons (biggest cannons ever built)
  • The Double-Cross: Espionage in World War II (Watch this to get started)




2 Comments Add yours

  1. You spelled Josef Mengele wrong Mr.Pedrech.

    1. jimpedrech says:

      Right you are, sir. Corrected!

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