2P 2014: Listening and Conversation Skills

Ladies and gents,

We will return to our news articles on Monday. Today, we will focus on listening and conversation skills. There are two reasons for this temporary switch:

  • I am not at school to give you feedback on your written work
  • You spent yesterday writing the OSSLT, so switching to conversation-based work seems appropriate

You will watch two videos about effective conversation. The first is called How Can I Make a Good First Impression?. The second is called How to To Talk To People. Once he shows you a clip, Mr. Lamon will scroll down to some text that explains the techniques used in the videos. While you don’t have to add every single word to your notes, you should add the basic terms.

Once you are done, you need to pair up with someone in the class. Your goal is to write a short script that you can use on Monday to demonstrate what you’ve learned to me. Some guidelines for your script/skit:

  • your script should be about a page and 1/2 long
  • one person needs to demonstrate at least 5 of the steps that lead to effective communication (you can take ideas from either video)
  • one person in the pair needs to demonstrate at least 3 things we should avoid in conversation.
  • because you want to include some content from the first impression video, your skit should be about some kind of first meeting. Is your skit about a first date? Is it about your first day on the job? Perhaps it is about the first time a girl’s boyfriend meets her parents?
  • In your script, make sure you note the specific things that you need to do demonstrate these communication skills. See the example below; pay attention to the brackets:

Dad: (stands up straight, makes eye contact, smiles) So, Johnnie. My daughter has told me lots about you,

Johnnie: (slouches, looks around the room) Yeah.

Dad (using hands expressively) What are you two up to tonight?

Johnnie (crosses his arms, looks behind Dad to his girlfriend). I dunno. So, like, what time do you want her home?




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