CHY 4U: Invasion of Poland

Polish War Memorial via Flickr, by John Morris

Your goal today is to understand the state of Poland (politically, socially, etc) at the onset of World War II.

Please read the following sections of your textbook:

  • Annexation of Austria (451 – last paragraph)
  • Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact (456)
  • Invasion of Poland (457)
  1. Once you are done, you will write a 1 page letter from the perspective of a citizen, soldier, or politician from Poland. Your letter will be addressed to either a loved one or Ignacy Mościcki, President of Poland.
  2. Or, you may work with other students to organize a protest against the invaders. You will present your protest before the end of today’s class:

Either way, you will explain:

  • your initial response to the Nazi-Soviet Pact (Remember, Poland separates the Germans and the Russians: does this Non-Aggression Pact reassure you that your region is safe, or does it make you fearful about your neighbouring states’ intentions for your homeland?)
  • Your feelings about the Invasion of Poland (remember to work in details from the reading into your work).
  • You will be shown this clip to help you generate some more ideas. Pay particular attention to the disparity between the German war machine and the Polish military.

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