2P 2014: Gaming and Reporting

Today is your lucky day. Your mission is to beat two video games I’ve left for you. The laptops are signed out, so come to this blog post to click the links.

The first is called “Deadline,” was put together by me. You’re a reporter in a real news room about to write a story. But being a reporter is a lot like being a detective, so go explore the world and find your first big break.

The game has two episodes; give both a try.


The second is a journalism game that explores the secrets of the pyramids. To figure them out, you’ll have to do a few activities. The substitute teacher will give you the log in information.

  1. Begin by going to this site: https://resources.elearningontario.ca/.
  2. Next, ask your teacher for the log in info
  3. Now, click on this link: https://download.elearningontario.ca/repository/1088830000/61_pyramids.html

How to Conduct an Interview

Once you’ve completed both games, your next job is to watch this video on how to do interviews. It’s short, but hits on some good points. Write down the three main points he talks about, and we’ll start practicing interviews when we get back.




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