2D 2014: Building a Narrative

Today, we will continue to experiment with narratives and their creation. Remember that your first writing assignment requires you to create a short story; thus, this preparation should be very useful for you.

Let’s start by considering some truly awful sentences. We will work together to make these sentences clear and effective.

Next, we will do a creative writing piece that will require you to think quickly. Remember that even the most hastily written stories still need plot, setting, and action.

Everyone will choose two cards from the Storymatic deck.

  • You will have 2 minutes to generate as many ideas as you can about the two cards you choose. Your brainstormed ideas do not have to be connected.
  • Next, we will have everyone write a few brief ideas about their cards on the board. Don’t take up too much space!
  • Finally, I will give you some time to consider all of the ideas on the board. Ideally, everyone will have an idea or two!

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