2P 2014: When Jokes Go Too Far

Let’s begin with 15 minutes of work on your overrated/underrated paragraphs. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Keep your topic sentences short and argumentative
  • Fully explain your examples. Imagine that your reader knows nothing about the examples you are providing.

Mr. Lamon will collect the new version of your paragraphs from you.

When Jokes Go Too Far

Over the next week or so, we will discuss humour and its limits. We want to figure out how we know when a joke goes too far. Mr. Lamon will show you a few news stories about jokes that resulted in suffering.

  • This video is from a Brazilian tv show. In the show, a girl  (dressed as a ghost) is snuck on an elevator when other passengers are not looking.
  • In this first video, a nurse who was the subject of a prank call by two shock jocks (radio hosts who do shocking things). The nurse committed suicide two days later.

Once you are done, I’d like you to write a letter to either the Brazilian tv show’s producers or the shock jocks in the second video. In your letter, make sure you do the following:

  • In the first short paragraph (2-3 sentences), explain a few details about the video you watched
  • In the next paragraph (3-4 sentences) explain what you want the people receiving the letter to do. Should they stop doing pranks? Do they owe anyone an apology? Are their actions justified?

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