CHY 4U 2014: Of Math Scores, Heat Waves, and Unicorns

Unicorn Rampant, by Ranil , via Flickr.
Unicorn Rampant, by Ranil , via Flickr.

Yesterday, we looked at various Historical Schools. Today, we will try to connect Historical Schools to the need for good questions; we need to ask good questions if we hope to solve serious problems.

  • Let’s begin with a short lecture called the Chicago Heat Wave.
  • Next, let’s take a look at a news story  that surfaced just this week. What good (and bad) questions could we ask that might shape our response?
  • I’d also like you to examine a few maps from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Think carefully about what these maps tell us about the times in which they were made; it might be helpful to think about the questions you might ask.

    Hereford Mappa Mundi

    Ebstorfer Map

  • I’d like you to read Medieval World View (41), Renaissance World View (42), Innovation (art and print 42-43). In one page, outline some key aspects of these world views; make sure you include anything that might interest a member of one of the Historical Schools. 

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